Back What's Happening Home Interior Trend 2021

Home is always part of our lives. No matter of busy we are, a nice bed in our bedroom, a cold shower, and a sofa in our living room is what we long for after a hectic busy day. However, since COVID-19 hit the world in an unprecedented way, everything changed in a blink of an eye.

Now, with the new norm most of everything we do at home - it taught us not to adjust the way we live, also adjusting the spaces we live in. With that, we have concluded the trendiest interior design and what's in 2021.

Study Room – Urban Heritage


A study room or home office is a must in today's new norm. When the cosy simplicity meets Scandinavian design, where functions and comfort place in one room - like the cabinet and shelves for the books and document proper storage to maintain tidiness. The combination between bright and subdued colour, yellow and grey (2021 Colour of the Year) lift the mood in the room but still maintain a minimal look.

(Tiles in the picture: Wall - Sywood Bone | SR5044A , Floor -  Skywood Pine | SR5044B)

Kitchen - Stylish Luxury


Strongly vein marbles are in and the busier it gets the better to showcase luxurious interior and brings it to the next level style. Simple cabinetry is a clever choice to match it with the whole look and blend it with a wood countertop for the contract texture effect. Hence, a stylish luxury kitchen achievable for your home with this combo!

(Tiles in the picture: Wall - D'Vogue Anthracite | YR5072D, Floor -  iN-City Concrete White Grey | YR8001A , Backsplash - IN-Piasantina Mocha | X6R8020B)

Living Room - Nature-Inspired